Speaker Repair

We offer a complete speaker repair, and restoration service. Our repairs deal with the mechanical, electrical, and all other physical aspects of loud speaker performance. 
Our specialty is vintage speaker restoration, and the repair of all age related issues. We can even restore your vintage speakers' performance to as good as new. Just take a look at some of our videos and the before and after shots of our work to see the results for yourself. 

You can Reach us by phone at 512-769-9750
or by email at texasound@gmail.com  

JBL LE5 2 Midrange Recone

AR3 Speaker Repair

KEF 104/2 Speaker Repair

"The Advent 2" Refoaming and Foam Adjustment 

Altec 416-16Z Recone 

JBL L65 Jubal Restoration

Foam rot, and other age related issues.

Speaker extracted for foam repair.

Crossover extracted for repair, and damaged caps removed. With care taken to preserve undamaged original components to maintain original high quality sound.

Old Foam replaced with new foam. With support shims added under the dustcap to center voice coil during new foam application.

Damaged caps replaced, and soldered to original high quality components to maintain original Sound.

New Foam glued into place. Dustcap repositioned with shims removed, and glued down with weight applied to help dry in a perfect leveled position.

Fully Restored

Bose 901 Series 3 Repair

Six staples pulled from the grill cloth, and grill cloth removed.

Foam rot, and other damage.

 Foam replaced, and shims added to dust caps to prevent damage while glue is drying on new foam.

Shims removed, and glue applied to shim holes to seal the dust caps closed.

Fully restored.

Grill Cloth Repair
 Grill cloth damaged, and frayed.

Frayed, and damaged cloth removed with frame exposed. 

 Logo removed to avoid damage.

New cloth applied. 

 Logo reattached

New grill cloth finalized with logo

 Fully Restored

Advent Prodigy 2 Repair
 Foam Rot, and other damage.

Extracted, and damaged foam cut away.

Cleaned, and damage foam removed.

Dust Cover Removed.