About Us, and our Service

Recognized as a world renowned loudspeaker expert, Wes Reiley built his first speakers when still a teenager back in the seventies. He went on from there to build and operate large speaker systems for live music concerts. Wes has worked as a sound engineer, recording engineer, and is a co designer of the ASW guitar speaker designed, and built here in Austin.

As a speaker repair tech Wes was a warranty service station for all the major American loud speaker manufactures including JBL, Infinity, Bose, Cerwin-Vega, Electro-Voice, Altec-Lansing, and many others. Wes has designed, built and repaired thousands of speakers. His level of experience and the quality of his workmanship is unique in central Texas.

Wes is a long time friend, and associate of Mike Manulik of Austin Stereo Service. They share a philosophy of competency, attention to detail, and high value service for their customers. Their service's not only provide their customers great value, but years of listening pleasure from the great sounding vintage stereo equipment they restore. 

Sever Reiley, technical assistant, and experienced online operator. Handles the website, and Internet needs of the service